Administration: Hartford Campus

Office of the Dean

Acting Dean, David L. Rainey, Ph.D.
Operations Manager, Lorraine Kammerer
Administrative Specialist, Anita Sladyk

Operations and Logistics

Operations Manager, Lorraine Kammerer
Program Administrator, Angela Buonannata

Office of Student Services

Director, Student Records and Administrative Services, Natalie A. Sutera, M.S.
Administrative Specialist, Florence Josephs
Operations Specialist, Patricia O'Brien, B.S.
Receptionist, Rosalind Dawson
Receptionist, Barbara Grady
Receptionist, Ann Montgomery

The Cole Library

Director, Mary S. Dixey, MLS
Instructional Services Librarian, Linda M. Knaack, MLS
Consortium Cataloger, Part-time, Gale Brancato, MLS
Library Assistant, Part-time, Joanne Simmonds, B.S.

Conference Facilities

Director, Mary S. Dixey, MLS
Conference Services Specialist, Deneice J. Davis

Enrollment Management AND MARKETING

Acting Director, Enrollment Management and Marketing, Amy H. Cunningham, MBA
Senior Program Manager, Clarence E. Byers, B.S.
Senior Program Manager, Roger E. Lavallee, B.S.
Program Specialist, Jennifer A. Franklin
Program Specialist, Susan Kramer
Senior Communications Specialist, Thomas J. Bittel, B.A.
Communications Specialist, Robin M. Micket, M.A.
Data Analyst, Eric Patenaude, B.A.

Financial Aid Office

Senior Student Services and Financial Aid Administrator, John F. Gonyea

Rensselaer Groton Site

Associate Technical Coordinator, Arthur Potter, Jr., A.S.

Office of the Registrar

Registrar, Doris M. Matsikas
Supervisor, Student Accounts (Accounts Receivable), Audrey C. Cardillo, A.S.

Operations and Facilities

Manager, Paul J. Murphy, MBA

Technical and Information Services

Director, Brian J. Clement, MBA
Administrative Systems Coordinator, Richard Silva, B.A.
Director, Network Information Systems, Gary Trail, M.S.
Engineer, Lloyd Omphroy
Multimedia Producer, Paul Sartini, M.S.
Producer/Operations Coordinator, Karen Silva, B.A.
Programmer Analyst/Administrative Systems, Doria DiNino, MBA
Senior Analyst/PC System Administrator, Adam Hechler

Academic Department and Programs

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, John Maleyeff, Ph.D.
Administrative Specialist, Linda Kresge, B.A.
Business Analyst, Brendan L. Wilson, B.S.



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