March 7, 2013
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Rensselaer’s Individualized Executive MBA: An Innovative, Cutting-edge Program Starting September 2013

HARTFORD, CONN Rensselaer’s Hartford Campus will offer a unique Executive MBA (EMBA) program for creating sophisticated strategic leaders. The Individualized EMBA provides students with an interactive learning experience based on cutting-edge content. The individualized attention of Rensselaer’s EMBA is what separates it from other programs. Each participant will have a customized leadership development plan crafted specifically to meet his/her needs and circumstances. Each EMBA student will be paired with a mentor currently in an executive position, who will advise the student throughout the program and beyond. The transformative aspects include a simulated boardroom setting in which participants engage in practical exercises and learn from executives of global companies.

Rensselaer’s EMBA prepares participants to become world-class leaders. EMBA transforms effective managers/professionals into Exceptional Leaders, who have the knowledge, competencies, confidence, and courage to make decisions, lead change, and sustain success. The program incorporates an integrated perspective on the social, economic, ethical, technological, environmental, and market forces in a world full of exciting opportunities and daunting challenges. The content includes strategic leadership/management, sustainable development, advanced systems, strategic innovation, entrepreneurship, global business, risk management, finance, and more; all from a global reality. Students also become cognizant of emerging markets, cultural differences, and expected behaviors when working in global settings.

Leading companies need highly competent, innovative, and technologically sophisticated leaders who have the imagination, insights and innovativeness to think broadly and to create new ways for exceeding the aspirations of customers, stakeholders, employees, shareholders, and society. Rensselaer’s EMBA provides sponsoring corporations with a learning experience that accelerates the professional development of selected individual(s). The format of the program allows individuals to rapidly acquire new competencies and decision-making capabilities without affecting their current positions and their ongoing contributions to the corporation. Learn more at: www.ewp.rpi.edu/emba.

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