Purpose and Perspective

The purpose of Rensselaer at Hartford's Energy, Environment, and Economics Discussion Series (Discussion Series) is to provide a forum for experts, corporate leaders, community participants, faculty, and students to engage in intellectual dialogues pertaining to today's global energy and environmental challenges. For instance, conventional fossil fuels are among the largest consumed resources in the world and they are significant contributors to environmental degradation and climate change issues. The Discussion Series involves determining how to expand the opportunities for positive change and to transform the current challenges into more powerful and beneficial realities. The intent is to have broad, collaborative, and interactive discussions about new ways of thinking about the energy and environmental challenges and how to develop better solutions.

Human development and economic growth in the twenty-first century require new perspectives and ways of doing things. Future success depends on being insightful and creative in developing more advantageous and fruitful outcomes for people, wherever they may be. The global economy is undergoing an unprecedented transformation prompted by globalization, digital technologies, increased demand for resources and energy, greater dependence on global sourcing, and countless other reasons. Although many of the changes have positive outcomes like more advanced technologies and products and lower cost structures, the effects and impacts have also created a myriad of new challenges, especially how households, farmers, businesses, and society obtain the resources and energy they need. The global economy has become more complicated and unpredictable requiring more efficient, effective, sophisticated, and innovative means and mechanisms to assure sustainable solutions and systems. This includes new economic models for determining what the viable and sustainable solutions are. Creating new solutions and systems require insightfulness, imagination, contributions, and interactions from many different participants and perspectives.

The scope of the discussions will include the full range of social, economic, ethical, technological, and environmental considerations and their implications for leading change and creating value in light of the complex and exciting global opportunities and challenges. Each program in the Discussion Series will start at 5 p.m. There will be a brief overview of several topics followed by breakout sessions to discuss selected topics. Each breakout session will have a session leader who will take notes and prepare a summary document which will be sent to the participants and posted on the Rensselaer at Hartford Web site.

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