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The first CLASS event of the Fall 2013 Term was held the week of October 19 - 26 at Rensselaer's Hartford Campus, Groton Site, and at off-site corporate cohort programs. Students had the opportunity to enjoy some food while networking with fellow students and faculty from various academic disciplines.

Each night featured a faculty presentation on different topics and a drawing with Rensselaer prizes. Through CLASS, Rensselaer students are connected to a network of faculty, staff, and other students who lend support and guidance and help to build a strong community of learners as they strive to become the leaders of tomorrow.

CLASS is an institute-wide RPI initiative, begun with undergraduates on Rensselaer's Troy campus, and now extended to graduate students at the Hartford campus and Groton site.

Status Report on Rensselaer and the
Hartford Campus

John Maleyeff, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, enlightened students about exciting happenings at the Troy and Hartford campuses. He spoke about the Groton Site and the on-site degree programs currently being offered at Sikorsky and Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. He also talked about Rensselaer's non-credit Advanced Professional Development programs such as the one taking place at ISO New England.

Dr. Maleyeff explained some of the initiatives in The Rensselaer Plan 2024 that pertain to graduate education, including the following "we will" statements:

  • Focus on comprehensive professional development for our graduate students.
  • Align our professional degree programs with the Global Challenges, linked to our signature research thrusts.
  • Integrate the use of interactive assessment techniques to improve learning outcomes for all graduate education and training programs.

Professor Maleyeff concluded his presentation with a discussion about a key initiative of Rensselaer at Hartford: Blended learning that combines convenience with an international and experiential focus.

Did you Know?... The year 2024 will mark the bicentennial anniversary of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Global Challenges: Leading Change through Experiential Learning

David L. Rainey, Acting Dean, Rensselaer at Hartford, gave an inspiring presentation about global challenges as opportunities. He encouraged students to think about the year 2050. "What will your world look like in the long term and how will your Rensselaer education continue to impact you in future decades?" he asked.

Dr. Rainey focused on Rensselaer's Learning Enterprise: Grand Challenges and Global Changes. He said, "At Rensselaer, we believe that a holistic approach that seeks to navigate the complex global economy is the key to one's success. Today, engineering, science, and business are often played out on global stage and on a global scale."

Dean Rainey incorporated his international consulting work to touch upon a fascinating newly coined term, "Mega Urban Cities." He cited examples from BMW in Germany, the growth of massive cities in China and India, and partners across the globe supplying components for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Did you Know?... Research at Rensselaer is exploring innovations in biotechnology, nanotechnology, super computers and big data, among other technologies.

World Energy Congress, 2013

James Stodder, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Lally School of Management, attended the 22nd World Energy Congress in Daegu, Korea, October 13-17. Dr. Stodder gave a captivating presentation about the Congress that garnered numerous questions from students.

The Congress meets every three years on different continents with approximately 3,000 organizations representing 90 countries. The theme of this year's conference was, "Securing Tomorrow's Energy Today."

Professor Stodder talked about the viewpoint of Big Oil as well as the other voices that were heard at the Congress. He discussed subsidies, using fossil fuels as a supplement to renewables (inversion idea), and the dawn of microgrids. "The fact that no one is paying the bill doesn't mean that it isn't accumulating," he said.

He cited sources such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IGPCC), the Global Electricity Initiative (GEI), and EnergyBiz magazine. Dr. Stodder also touched upon the numerous fuel cell companies in Connecticut.

Professor Stodder will give a detailed review of his participation in the Congress during a webinar to be held on Wednesday, November 13 at 11:30 a.m. Register online for this FREE faculty webinar.

Did you Know?... The new petascale supercomputing system, the Advanced Multiprocessing Optimized System (AMOS), at Rensselaer is the most powerful university-based supercomputer in New York State and the Northeast.]

Sustainable Manufacturing:
A Study Abroad Course for Working Professionals

Activities in Munich
Sudhangshu Bose, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Department of Engineering and Science, used a slideshow presentation as he talked to students about the opportunity to participate in a one-week study abroad trip to Munich, Germany. He spoke about the trip offered last May 2013, and promoted the next one being offered this May 2014.

Read a detailed review about the study abroad course at THIS LINK and learn more about the Spring Term 2014 plans at THIS LINK.

Dr. Bose succinctly explained all of the "Why" questions about the trip: Why manufacturing? Why sustainable manufacturing? Why Germany? Why Munich? He referenced the relationship Rensselaer has with the Technical University of Munich, and specifically, the personal contacts that Acting Dean David L. Rainey has developed with major, high-technology corporations throughout Germany. It is because of these relationships and contacts that Rensselaer students are provided private access to high-level leadership and the assembly process during the site visits on the trip.

Professor Bose noted that observing data points in Germany is a good way to benchmark what we do in the U.S. He also pointed out that seeing some of the cultural differences and having fun is part of the study abroad experience. In conclusion, Dr. Bose spoke about the added value of a program with a global perspective. He asked the students to think about "What do you miss by not going?"



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