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Houman Younessi


Professor of science, engineering and management


BSc.   (Electrical Engineering) 
MSc.  (Information Systems)

MSc.  (Management – Finance) 
Ph.D. (Computer Science) 

Scholarly Interests:

1) Software Engineering and Information Systems: Recombinant Programming, Component and Object Orientation, Defect Management and V+V
2) Finance: international finance, quantitative finance, energy derivatives

3) Economics: econometrics, business economics
4) Management: strategies, models and information systems for development of extended enduring enterprises






Macintosh HD:Users:youneh:Desktop:imgres-2.jpegRecombinant Programming: A Biologically Inspired Model of Computation


Spring 2013

Research Methods

      Course Outline

      Lecture 1

      Lecture 2

      Lecture 3

      Proposal Template

      Assignment 1 – Part 1

      Lecture 4

      Inspection Process Definition

      Lecture 5

      Lecture 6

      Lecture 7

      Data for Part 2

      Assignment 1 – Part 2

      Lecture 8

      Lecture 9

      Paper – Read this before coming to class on 3/27

      Lecture 10

      Assignment 2

      Paper A

      Paper B

      Lecture 11

      Review Report Template for Assignment 2



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Macintosh HD:Users:youneh:Desktop:imgres.jpegTutorials, Invited Lectures and Committee memberships


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