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John Maleyeff, Ph.D., Professor of Practice and Area Coordinator for the Hartford Lally School of Management and Technology

  • Available to comment on service operations management and public sector management.

Randall G. Peteros, J.D., Professor of Practice

  • Areas of focus include securities analysis and portfolio management, corporate finance, and federal taxation.
  • Peteros consults to and/or advises university endowments, corporate retirement plans, and high net worth individuals.
  • Much of his research is in the area of alternative investment vehicles and strategies, risk management, and behavioral finance. He has published in the areas of private investment partnerships and corporate investment strategies.

David L. Rainey, Ph.D., Professor of Practice

  • Leading authority on strategic management, sustainable development, and strategic innovation in complex enterprises.
  • Research, teaching, and consulting interests include strategic leadership, operations management, product and technological innovation, sustainable business development, global enterprise management and managing complex projects.
  • His scholarship focuses on designing business models and organizational frameworks centered on principle-based strategies and practical methods for achieving sustainable advantages.
  • Published Product Innovation: Leading Change through Integrated Product Development (2005, ISBN 0-521-84275-1) and Sustainable Business Development: Inventing the Future through Strategy, Innovation and Leadership (2006, ISBN: 0 521 862787). Both books are published by Cambridge University Press. His newest books, Sustainable Strategic Management: Achieving Success through Enterprise Leadership and Value Creation and Sustainable Strategic Leadership: Leading Change through Strategies, Solutions and Systems will be published in early 2008. His next book is Sustainable Product Design: Developing Innovative Solutions for Emerging Markets.

James P. Stodder, Ph.D., Professor of Practice

  • Areas of expertise include corporate and public finance, monetary economics, and the economics of developing and transitional countries. He has consulted with the central banks of China and Brazil, and made presentations at conferences of the US Federal Reserve. Dr. Stodder has testified before the Connecticut State Legislature, in Federal hearings of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund, and in New York and Connecticut State courts.
  • Much of his research is in problems of growth and inequality, corruption and public services, and the growth of virtual and parallel currencies. He has worked in many of the largest rapidly developing economies such as China, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia.


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