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Demographic Statistics

This section will guide you to sources of statistics on customers and market segments. These statistics might include age, gender, income level, education, population, climate, buying habits and similar data.


From the federal government:

American FactFinder
Compiles census data into tables, maps and downloadable files to view or print.

Current Population Survey (CPS)
Data is available through FERRET, the Federal Electronic Research and Review Extraction Tool. Data collected includes age, sex, race, marital status and educational attainment. Estimates are obtained on topics such as school enrollment, income, health, employee benefits and work schedules. This is complex statistical data generally used by professional researchers.

Provides links to statistics from more than 70 US Government Agencies.

Statistical Abstract of the United States

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Collects data on prices and expenditures, employment and other topics.
(Consumer Expenditure Surveys)

U.S. Census Bureau
Collects data in many areas including age, income, housing, language, occupation, manufacturing and industry.

Local Resources:

Connecticut Economic System
Provides access to Connecticut Town Profiles, Population, Income, Housing and Employment data.

Other Resources:

American Demographics / Marketing Tools
Search the full-text of American Demographics using ABI/Inform or Business Source Premier.

Housing and demographic data from a variety of sources by geography. Free, but registration required to download charts and tables.

Development Report Card for the United States
Provides an annual assessment of each state's economy and potential for future growth based upon more than 70 data measures.

EASI Demographics
Access to many free and easy to use demographic reports from the 1990 and 2000 US Censuses. Includes ring study functionality. Free. Registration required
Create nifty downloadable tables and charts of economic data (including demographics) with this free service from Moody's Free. Registration required.


European Marketing and Data Statistics
REF HA 1107.E87

Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What?
How American households allocate their spending dollars.
REF HC 110.C6 H68

Statistical Abstract of the United States
REF HA 202.U65

A Statistical Portrait of the United States: Social Conditions and Trends
Statistics on population, education, income, health, environment, housing, crime, politics and leisure.
REF HA 214.S73 1998

Survey of Buying Power and Media Markets
This special issue of SALES & MARKETING MANAGEMENT provides data on population, income, sales (by product category), and buying power for US metro and media markets.

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Competitor & Industry Intelligence

Knowledge of your competition and industry is essential for successful marketing. Use the resources in this section to gather information for competitive analysis.


FULD & Company Competitive Intelligence Guide
FULD & Company Internet Intelligence Index
Links to nearly 600 intelligence-related Internet sites.

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Be sure to take a look at the CI Newsbriefs.

Research Tips

For detailed guidance on researching companies and industries, see the Library's Subject Guide on COMPANY & INDUSTRY RESEARCH.

For links to industry-specific resources, see the Library's INDUSTRY DATA FINDER.

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Rankings & Market Share

What is your competitor's share of the market? Who are the top selling manufacturers in your industry? These resources provide rankings and market share statistics.


Cole Library's guide to Finding a Company's Market Share

Advertising Age
Provides data and rankings on top companies, brands, media circulation, and advertising agencies. Access through Business Source Premier (Rensselaer at Hartford login ID and password required)

Forbes 500 Annual Directory
A database of the 500 largest American public corporations as measured by sales, profits, assets and market value.

Forbes 200 Best Small Companies
The 200 American companies with sales of under $350 million that have the highest 5-year profitability, as defined by return on equity.

Price's List of Lists
A clearinghouse of rankings and lists maintained by a librarian at George Washington University.

Web 100
The largest US and non-US. corporations on the Web.

Market Share Reporter and World Market Share Reporter accessible through Business and Company Resource Center (Rensselaer at Hartford login ID and password required)
Online access to US and worldwide market share data. Use Advanced Search, select Rankings in Content Area, then in the main search form, enter Market Share in Source and your company or product.


Market Share Reporter
An annual compilation of reported market share data on companies, products and services.
REF HF 5410.M35

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Advertising & Promotion

This section will guide you to sources of information on Advertising, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Telemarketing and other forms of promotion.


Advertising Age
News and links for advertisers. Access through Business Source Premier (Rensselaer at Hartford login ID and password required)

Public Relations Society of America
Includes access to the National Credibility Index and the Strategist.

FTC Telemarketing Fraud
Access to the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule, information on how to comply, etc.

Nielsen Ratings
Follow the Ratings link for daily and weekly television ratings information from Nielsen Media Research on, a TV and movie information site.

Arbitron Ratings
Radio station rankings and ratings.


Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns
Profiles 500 of the most notable advertising and marketing campaigns of the twentieth century, including Apple, DeBeer's, Nike and Toyota.
REF HF 5837 .E53 2000

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Internet Marketing

This section will guide you to sources of statistics and guidance on Internet or Web Marketing.


Internet statistics and research for web marketers.


CIO E-Business Research Center
Be sure to take a look at the resources on Demographics & Market Research.

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Association devoted to maximizing the use and effectiveness of advertising on the Internet. See Industry Statistics & data by eMarketer. There are some free reports under IAB Research, including Ad Revenue Reports.


HF 5415.1265.S384 1997

Net Worth
HF 5415.124.H33 1999

Net Gain
HF 5415.1265.H34 1997

Search Rensselaer Libraries' Catalog for additional titles and availability.

Research Tips

For more resources on E-Commerce, see the ELECTRONIC COMMERCE section of the Library's IT MANAGEMENT SUBJECT GUIDE.

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Original Market Research, Surveys & Polls

Use these resources to locate sources of original market research.


American Marketing Association Greenbook
A worldwide directory of market research organizations.

Gallup Organization

General Social Survey(GSS)

Harris Poll Online

Polling Report
Collects polling results from many organizations.

Princeton University Survey Research Center
Access to polls, surveys and findings.
Herb Abelson still maintains a version of the original site.

Quirk's Marketing Research
Search for articles on successful market research projects. Search the Researcher SourceBook for market research firms.

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Journal, Magazine or Newspaper Articles on Marketing Topics


ABI/INFORM Complete and National Newspapers (ProQuest)(Rensselaer at Hartford login ID and password required)
Provides access to ABI/INFORM Global, Trade & Industry, and Dateline, databases of articles in over 1,800 business and management periodicals. Also provides access to the complete text of the WALL STREET JOURNAL and the HARTFORD COURANT.

Business Source Premier (Rensselaer at Hartford login ID and password required)
Find company and industry research along with articles from respected business journals such as Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), Journal of Marketing, Journal of International Marketing.

Emerald Fulltext (Rensselaer at Hartford login ID and password required)
Provides the full text of over 130 journals, including a library of journals on Marketing.

LexisNexis Academic (Rensselaer at Hartford login ID and password required)
Provides access to the full text of 6,000 news, trade, legal and business publications.

An index to journals from a variety of disciplines.


Wall Street Journal Index
An index to both Barron's and the Wall Street Journal. Print index is near the microfiche reader/printer.

Research Tips

Be sure to check the Library's Full-Text Journals A-Z to see if we own the journals you need.

To obtain specific articles or books not available in the Cole Library's collection, use the Library's Interlibrary Loan Service.

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Additional Marketing Sources & Strategies

Looking for definitions of marketing terms and concepts?

Field Guide to Marketing
REF HF 5415.H5257

The Marketing Glossary
REF HF 5415.C5414 1992

Looking for information on market planning?

Business and Marketing Plans
From the Business Resource Center

Search the Rensselaer Libraries' Catalog for Marketing Planning to find books and other materials on market planning.

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