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Facility Information
Mystic Executive Park
115 Poheganut Drive, Groton, Connecticut
Telephone: (860) 449-8157
Fax: (860) 548-7918

Normal Building Hours
for Rensselaer students:

Monday - Thursday: 3 - 9:30 p.m.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Closed.

Free on-site parking is provided. Entry is through the front or rear building entrances. Rensselaer's facilities are located about halfway down the hallway that bisects the building, on the east side.

Rensselaer Libraries Services
Library Resources are provided to students through the Folsom Library Renssearch page. The Hartford Affiliated Users link on the left of that page leads to specific information relevant to Hartford affiliated library users, including Groton students.

Technical and Information Services
The Groton Site computing facilities have hardware and software resources consistent with those available in Hartford. Students and faculty are asked to refer to the main TIS page for a complete listing of services and resources provided in Hartford and Groton. Students have access to one computing classroom with twenty seven PC desktop workstations. Each system has a myriad of software applications installed and is connected to the Hartford Campus local area network, providing access to the Internet as well as file and print services. The Groton file server is a high-performance Sun server with 150 GB of raid-based disk storage. Wireless access is provided, along with hardwired connection points for students' laptops.

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