On rare occasions when the Federal Stafford Loan or the Federal Grad Plus Loan do not meet your needs, or if you are not eligible, Rensselaer at Hartford suggests a number of private student loan programs for you to consider. Private loan programs are not affiliated with any federal financial assistance programs and are, therefore, generally more expensive. Approval of a private student loan application is based on your creditworthiness, including debt-to-income ratio and credit history. Keep in mind that you may never borrow more than your cost of attendance for the academic period of the loan, less other financial aid received.

The intent of this section is to provide information on programs whose eligibility requirements allow either part-time enrollment or allow international students to borrow with U.S. or permanent resident cosigners. Since most of these banks offer an array of loan products targeted to specific student populations, be sure to look for loans for part-time graduate students -- as opposed to the Federal Stafford student loans which require half-time enrollment. If you decide to apply for a private loan, it is important that you select the appropriate loan and that you understand the terms.

For more information on our preferred lenders as well as other financing opportunities, please review our "Financing a Rensselaer Education" brochure.

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Updated: 2016-04-21, 15:03